K-Swiss Little Kids Classic VN HTB
K-Swiss Little Kids Classic VN HTB
K-Swiss Little Kids Classic VN HTB

K-Swiss Little Kids Classic VN HTB

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K-Swiss cares about the environment and their impact on the health of our community and our planet. Their concern is not only for the millions of Angelenos that benefit from the efforts of Heal the Bay, but they also care about the tens of millions of creatures that live off our coast in the Santa Monica Bay and Channel Islands National Marine Reserve.

K-Swiss realized the work of Heal the Bay, as well as their own efforts, will have a greater impact on the health, safety and quality of life of our children over ourselves. Because of this, they created a special shoe designed specifically for kids that celebrates the educational efforts of the Heal the Bay Aquarium located at the Santa Monica Pier, a place where children can learn about our local ecosystem and become ambassadors for protecting our oceans.

K-Swiss was inspired by one of the most recognizable animals in the ocean: the bright orange Garibaldi, California's official State Marine Fish and a protected species. The shoes feature orange fish scale textured materials and bright blue spots to mimic the look of the juvenile fish as well as eco-friendly materials that help to reduce our impact on the environment.


Heal the Bay has partnered with K-Swiss because they are an iconic California brand and their custom Heal the Bay shoes are created with sustainable materials and packaging. We thank K-Swiss for making a donation to Heal the Bay in support of our clean water mission.

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